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  • Coordinate with client & client broker on site or building due diligence requirements.

  • Research and compile list of requirements for Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for zoning and utilities (power, gas, water, sewer, etc.) to obtain a grading and/or building permit.

  • Develop RFPs / bid packages for partner selections for civil engineers, geo-technical, surveyor, roof studies, demolition contractors, abatement contractors and any other required due diligence consultants based on site-specific requirements.

  • Coordinate with client & client broker on site assessments for property condition assessments, PCAs, asbestos studies, environmental audits and soil borings & testing.

  • Support client & client closing attorneys and lenders with required documentation for closing.

  • Work with client & client broker as required to review work letter & exhibits related to landlord & tenant interiors requirements for any comments during lease negotiations.

  • Coordinate with lender on documentation and paperwork requirements for loan closing.


  • Manage and develop master schedule, overall budget and project design process.

  • Develop RFPs / bid packages for partner selections & budget costs for A&D firm, civil engineer, specialty consultants, general contractor, furniture dealer, AV vendor, IT vendor, security vendor, signage & branding vendor and relocation vendors or other vendors as required.  Manage and lead the procurement process for each partner to determine qualified provider, from selection, to scope creation to negotiations for services required for the project. 

  • Monitor and track progress for duration of project.

  • Manage design process to determine requirements and full completion of documents for construction.

  • Review all phases of documents for completeness, compliance with design milestone requirements, constructability and coordination of all disciplines.

  • Manage client vendors for scope of work, budget compliance and invoice approvals. Vendors managed include design consultants; construction manager; general contractor; testing agencies; furniture, fixtures & equipment; security; information technology; audio-visual; relocation and more.

  • Develop procurement plan for long-lead time items for all client vendors in accordance with the master schedule.

  • Value engineering management and review of proposed substitutions to ensure accepted solutions do not affect the project's objectives, quality or schedule.

  • Support and develop sustainable building / LEED certification requirements.

  • Provide site survey analysis and due diligence studies.


  • Master schedule review and monitoring to ensure on-time completion, and proactively predict and mitigate future coordination problems or develop a recovery schedule.

  • Monitor schedule in coordination with the construction manager's / general contractor's schedule.

  • Review and manage overall budget to identify areas for improvement and manage cash flow.

  • Manage owner / architect / contractor (OAC) team with attendance at OAC meeting, and coordinate open communication between design team, construction manager, Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) inspectors and client vendors to resolve any construction issues.

  • Manage construction document control with design consultant and construction manager to establish project tracking logs (RFIs, ASIs, CCDs, design clarifications, material submittals, change orders, etc.).

  • Ensure timely processing and response from client vendors for all critical-path project items.

  • Review client vendor invoices and applications for payment and provide payment recommendations.

  • Control and coordinate change management.

  • Review client vendor change orders for cost and acceptance.

  • Manage design team to incorporate approved changes into the construction documents.

  • Coordinate procurement, delivery and installation of all client vendor scope-of-work items.

  • Schedule and coordinate all third-party inspections required.

  • Support LEED efforts and assist in managing documentation requirements.

  • Closely monitor progress of in-place work to ensure compliance with project quality standards and contract requirements.

  • Provide documentation for TI reimbursement from landlord, and submit to landlord for TI reimbursement.


  • Manage and coordinate completion of punch list for client vendors.

  • Lead construction manager / general contractor and client vendors to complete tasks to achieve signoffs for Certificate of Occupancy.

  • Coordinate relocation / move management for client personnel for Day One.

  • Coordinate and procure commissioning consultant for testing of any special equipment.

  • Review, collect and turn over all operation and maintenance manuals and warranties for completed work from construction manager / general contractor and client vendors.

  • Finalize project budget and financial reconciliation.

  • Manage final change orders, final liens and releases, retainage release and final payments for client vendors.

  • Coordinate final keying requirements with client and / or building landlord.

  • Coordinate all required training for client personnel.

  • Manage and coordinate decommission of existing lease space per landlord lease completion requirements.

Project Mangement
PreOccupancy / Post Construction
Due Diligence
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